Zeno Hot Spot Clearing Device Review

Zeno Hot Spot is not a acne scrub, cream or serum. In fact, it is a hand held device that you use to shoot heat into individual pimples. Results are supposed to appear within an hour and if used as directed the company claims that 90% of pimples are gone within 24 hours.

However, there is a catch. Zeno hot spot doesn’t work on white heads, black heads or pustules. Which means that you have to catch that acne while it is simply a red spot in order for this product to work. So, for people who go to bed with clear skin and wake up with full blown white heads this product will be of little or no use.

How Zeno Hot Spot Works

You can get a Zeno hot spot for around $40.00 which will give you 80 uses. To use it you press the power button and a power indicator light will come on to signal the treatment has started. You then hold the silver metal pad against your red bump for 2 ½ minutes. The hot spot will make a sound every 30 seconds and then give a multi signal at the end of the two minutes when the treatment is done.

You repeat the treatment every 4 to 12 hours until the zits are gone. It usually takes 2 to 3 treatments to completely get rid of the blemish. This means that you will only be able to treat between 30 and 40 blemishes before the product is gone.

What The Reviews Say

The Zeno hot spot reviews are somewhat mixed with it only receiving 3 ½ stars out of 5 on Amazon. While some people find this product works great others were extremely disappointed. However, when you read through the reviews it is clear that many reviewers tried to use the product on the type of acne that the makers of Zeno said the product does not work on. So, of course they will be disappointed.

However, many of the negative complaints were due to people getting a product that simply did not work properly which judging from the number of reviews did seem to be a problem. However, the reviewers did have both good and bad things to say about this product which you should be aware of.


The Zeno acne Hot spot does have some nice positive features. Here are some of them.

  • Easy to use
  • Treatments don’t take long
  • Great for light acne that is caught early
  • Can last a long time for people who only have the odd breakouts of one or two pimples at a time.
  • Not too pricey


There are also some things about the Zeno hot spot that people did not like. Here are some of the things that people complained about.

  • Dries skin
  • Expensive for people who have frequent breakouts consisting of several acne spots at once.
  • Many users got a broken product and had to exchange it.
  • Some people found that treating their acne with this product was quite time consuming.
Zeno Hot Spot Clearing Device Review