Uses of Honey for Face, Skin, and Health

Honey is one natures true miracle cures. It contains fantastic anti-bacteria and healing properties and has been used as a natural treatment for wounds and skin problems for over 2000 years. The Egyptians had over 500 healing uses for honey, and many people today are using it for curing their dry skin, acne, skin lesions and much more! Honey also contains anti-oxidant properties to keep the skin healthy, wrinkle free, and feel smoother and softer.

Honey is a great natural anti-aging skin product. Throughout the centuries, legendary beauties like Cleopatra and Poppea have used raw honey as part of their skin and hair care treatments to keep them looking youthful. It can be mixed with other ingredients such as carrots, papayas, apples, almonds, bananas, and yoghurt to make a face mask for skin anti-aging.

There are numerous kinds of honey available in the market. Those raw unprocessed ones are the most desired ones compared with lower quality processed ones.

One of the most desirable uses for honey is to help us in our fight against acne. Honey cleans the skin gently, and it allows and even encourages your skin to re-grow, it reduces swelling, prevents scarring, and kills bacteria by slowly releasing antiseptic hydrogen peroxide over several hours. How do you use honey for acne? Use it as a mask, just apply the raw honey directly to your face for 20min or longer and see the results immediately. Its effectiveness is as good as many topical acne products, which drys up the skin but honey doesn’t.

Here are the directions for making a honey mask. You can make it either purely alone or you can take 3 tablespoons honey and mix with a little lemon juice and cinnamon. Leave the mask on your face for 20 to 30 minutes and rinse off with warm water. Throughout periods of the day at home, you can also dab honey directly on the blemish daily to help with inflammation and redness.

Honey also helps to fade scars. So applying a layer of honey or using a honey mask once a week while reduce and eventually eliminate scars and redness all over your face. It is a fantastic herbal remedy and works wonders on skin and even health.

To improve health, stress, and inflamed joints drink some decaffeinated tea with a spoonful of honey. It works internally as well as externally to help improve your health and body. Essentially honey is natures treat, and is man’s oldest sweetener. It is an excellent substitute for sugar in our drinks and food. It is also good for many medicinal uses and treating certain conditions. Reliance on commercialized medicines which contain too many chemicals can become hazardous to our health.

If you have a sore throat, take some honey with a small amount of lemon juice. Swallow the concoction every few hours until symptoms clear up. Some people add a pinch of black or red pepper to increase blood circulation to the throat. There is evidence that honey diluted in water will help with your stomach aches and dehydration.

Due to its natural anti-inflammatory effect, it will help to heal the wounds more quickly.It also has different phytochemicals, chemicals found in plants and different foods, that kill viruses, bacteria, and fungus making it a good substitute for wound dressings.

“Honey is cheap, making it potentially useful for treating wounds in earthquake-stricken and war-torn areas where running water is scarce and often contaminated. It is being used in Iraq to treat burn wounds in children.”

Remember to never give honey to babies and children under 1 year of age.

Uses of Honey for Face, Skin, and Health