The Best Electric Pore Cleanser

There are a few electric pore cleansers on the market today, however there is only one as of right now that works, and works well- It’s the Panasonic Progressions Pore Cleanser with Mist. The one we reviewed is model EH2511A- Please note this is NOT a paid review of any sort, we did this on our own and these are our true findings.

How Does it Work?

The unit is rechargeable and waterproof that uses a strong suction- (yes strong) to clean out dirty and clogged pores by penetrating deep below the skin’s surface. It also comes with a nice mist feature that tones and smoothes skin. There is a reversible nozzle that has a narrow end for the nose and a wide end for the rest of the facial area which makes the entire process of cleansing your face take just a few minutes.

The easiest way we have found to use it is while in the shower or after a nice steam which opens your pores and readies them for the suction power of the Panasonic electric pore cleanser. You then can start with your face or nose using the appropriate nozzle and suck out all the dirt and gunk. There are no chemicals involved and no pain- just a gentle suction that cleanses your face. You must continue to move the tool around your face while NOT leaving it in one sport for too long or you will be left with red marks from the suction. For the best results you really have to use it while in the shower or after a steam- using it dry on the face did not work nearly as well as while wet.

Does the Electric Pore Cleanser Work Well?

It only takes a few minutes to clean, and once it’s done you will notice you face feels cleaner and softer. With regular use those with blemish-prone skin will see a dramatic reduction in the frequency and severity of break outs- it took us about 2-3 weeks to really start to notice this. It also helps keep those little blackheads on your nose clear and less noticeable.

Our best beauty tips always suggest using it in combination with a pore refining mask, this tool is comparable to a salon facial visit and much less costly over time. One thing noted is that this regimen must be continued regularly to see a noticeable difference, but it does work. We read a bunch of reviews that stated they had used their electric pore cleanser for over a year and it was still going strong- so for about $50 you can have weekly facials for a year- true bargain!

Who would we recommend use The Electric Pore Cleanser?

We would recommend this product to basically anyone who wants to have cleaner, smaller looking pores or for those of us who are blemish-prone. We found it most effective for thoroughly cleansing enlarged pores. It’s great for the T-Zone area of the face, particularly around the nose and inner cheeks. You do have to keep in mind that this tool does not use chemicals at all and is relatively safe in comparison to other facial cleansers, peels, and pore removers, however for some people that might bruise easy or have very sensitive skin we might not suggest it.

Of the 3 of us that tried this electric pore cleanser, none of us was left with any bruising, but I would suggest everyone who does purchase this tool to READ the instructions carefully! Also, if you do not have large pores or are looking for something to give you instantly clear pores and perfect skin- this will not do it.

Overall Product performance

We were really skeptical regarding this gadget, as the results seemed to be either positive or negative, but were pleasantly surprised it worked. It really did reduce the appearance of facial blemishes such as blackheads and whiteheads and cleanse the pores. This product does what it claims to do. It cleans out your pores and helps prevent new blackheads and other blemishes from appearing. After charging the unit, you use it once on your nose and then your facial area.

After suctioning, you use the mist feature to help soothe the face and to close the pores. The results are definitely not immediate and is intended to be a supplementary tool used for prevention and maintenance alongside pore cleanser products, toning, and masks. You probably won’t notice any dramatic results in the first week, but don’t give up. Keep using it for at least 4 weeks before making a final decision.

The Best Electric Pore Cleanser