Sunburn Home Remedy Options

Sunburns are a very common problem especially in tropical countries where there is constant sunshine. When a person’s skin is exposed to the sun for a long time then there is visible sun tanning. Sunburn gives an unpleasant look to the skin and what makes things worse is the overall effect. Sunburn affects the exposed portions of the body and burns the sensitive skin creating a lot of pain. This is the worst part about sunburn. We have a lot of remedies for sunburns especially in the form of sunscreen lotions and creams but some work for a short time, others don’t work at all, and some remedies contain so many chemicals it is safer not to use them.

The first and most obvious step in preventing a sunburn is wearing a cap or sunglasses which helps a lot in giving protection against the sun. Some also do cover their faces with a scarf especially in desert areas or use umbrellas for protection in others areas. A hat would obviously give you better protection against the sun since it gives you better surface area coverage.

The primary objective should be to protect the harmful UV radiation of the sun that would give skin a degree of immunity against severe skin disorders. Washing the exposed area with anti bacterial soap is also equally helpful. It helps to prevent any form of secondary infection on the surface of the skin. Drinking plenty of fluids also helps a lot in controlling the body fluid balance. It keeps our body hydrated all the time and helps us to release the toxic substances from our body.

One should avoid applying just any standard type of cream or lotion to a sunburn area. The application of any oil based cream would make things worse since the heat would be trapped back causing the sunburn to become severe. Hence, one should strictly avoid applying such substances to the affected areas. The best protection against any sunburn would be provided by the sun protection formula based creams. There are various degrees of sun protection creams available in the market. People who are exposed to prolonged sunlight should go for creams that would have a higher degree of sun protection especially if returning to the sun is emminent.

Covering the body fully is the best possible way to get protection against sunburns. Wearing light colored clothes gives a lot of comfort to people in the summer season when the sun is directly above our head. Wearing cotton clothes is good for the skin and is a good protection against sunburns. Sunburns can have temporary as well as long-term impact on the skin. Long-term impact may be very damaging to the very appearance of the skin. One always aspires to have a fresh and healthy looking skin but this may get hampered by the impact of sunrays on our skin.

Ayurveda has come of age to prove itself as a very effective cure for many problems. There are various ayurvedic medicines, which can be used effectively against sun burns. They are extremely effective in tackling various problems of the skin. One can use such medicines to bring back the lost glow to the skin. It also helps in maintaining a steady ph balance in the body and soothes painful, burning, and itching on the skin from sun burns and prolonged exposure to the sun.

A fair degree of awareness regarding skin care is important, since it would make things simple for us and help us fight against sun burn.

A few simple home remedy options also include:

– Cool water with oatmeal. Take a bath in cool to mildly warm water with oatmeal. The oatmeal is calming and helps with the inflammation.
-Aloe Vera. Find an aloe vera plant and break off one of the leaves- squeeze the gel like material onto your skin and rub in. It should provide instant relief to burned skin.
– A cool cloth. Take a cool cloth and lay it on your skin for a few minutes to relieve the heat radiating from your body. Be sure to drink excess fluids and your skin should cool down in no time.

If you are looking for a store bought treatment we recommend the Water Jel Brand products- they always work well, are inexpensive, and come in lotions, gels, and sprays. We never go anywhere during the summer without.

Sunburn Home Remedy Options