Stretch Mark Cream- Know What Actually Works!

Stretch marks are probably one of the most commonly infamous beauty problems that are faced by men and women throughout the world. And because all of us try to, and have to, always look our best, all we do is to find an immediate cure for these without even thinking once if these so-called cures actually work or not.

The truth is, most of the stretch mark creams that you will come across in the market actually do not work, and their manufacturers only maximize on their profits by false, baseless claims. The article here intends to highlight the causes of stretch marks, and also an effective solution for their treatment.

Stretch marks – what triggers them?

The first step towards the cure of any problem is to identify its cause. Learning about the root of your problem will help you avoid it during the later stages of life. However, there are so many things in our life that we have no control over, and thus these make it almost impossible for us humans to stay safe from any stretch marks.

Experts have determined the three most important causes of these signs. They are:

  • Growth spurts during adolescence
  • Weight gain and also weight loss
  • Pregnancy

However, there are people who are lucky, and manage to stay away from these consequences. Thus, stretch marks can be largely blamed on atrophic skin. This defines a type of skin that is very sensitive to rip when over-stretched. The strength of the skin and also its elasticity is comparatively weaker than the regular tissue, and these results in stretch marks in the second layer of the skin.

Stretch Mark Creams that Work

The right amount of fibroblast production is the main factor one should pay attention to when getting rid of stretch marks. Correct synthesis combined with the degradation of the skin matrix will help you heal the marks, and also prevent any further formation. The same process is also useful for elimination of tear marks.

Scientists have found out that stretch mark creams containing snail secretion are very effective in the treatment of the problem. This is because snail serum is made up of enzymes that are responsible for promoting optimum fibroblast production and various other skin matrix components. These include copper peptides, oligopeptides, ascorbic acid and palmitoyl pentapeptides, only to name a few.

When buying creams, always look for those that offer to correct fibroblast production, since this is what will actually help you get rid of those stretch marks. Our pick is an awesome natural product that includes ingredients to fade existing stretch marks, which include a unique plant extract clinically proven to fade stretch marks typically between 30 to 50%. It includes anti-itch ingredients to soothe those growing tummies. An emulsion-based formula oil and water that soaks into the skin quickly, it keeps the skin elastic and ultra-moist for several hours. This cream contains no artificial preservatives or parabens, petroleum, or lanolin.

Stretch Mark Cream- Know What Actually Works!