Solar Nails- The Ideal Nails For Summer

Beauty nowadays does not come only from within, but in fact, is noticed throughout the body. For women who love to be trendy and in accordance with the latest fashion, solar nails are no surprise. Just like any other part of your body, your nails need care and admiration too.

One should always take proper care of their natural finger nails. As a matter of fact, we recommend integrating this into your routine, like twice every week, and you can notice the different that it makes almost instantly. Nicely manicured nails are one of the most popular ways to pamper your beautiful fingernails. Beauty experts are of the opinion that a scheduled manicure is almost like visiting your nail doctor, since these ensure that your nails remain healthy and stay beautiful. Lots of dirt and bacteria can build up underneath your nails, and its important to keep them clean and free of debris and dirt.

Choosing the Best False Nails

Most women love to sport long fingernails. Not only is this a distinguished sign of femininity, but also enhances the look of your fingers. However, not all of us are fortunate enough to grow these as long as want, as this is largely attributed to our genetic structure.

The fashion industry now has solutions for these, and these are presented in the form of false nails. These false nails are used to dress your natural finger nails, and are a perfect alternative for anyone who would love to have long fingernails, but find it impossible to grow with natural means.

There are numerous varieties of these false nails, and some of these include acrylic nails, solar nails and gel nails. Although all these basically serve the same purpose, each of them has their own advantages as well as disadvantages. Therefore, it is best that you read about all the available forms in detail before finalizing on any one specific design.

What are Solar Nails?

Solar Nails is a specific type of acrylic manufactured by Creative Nail Design. It is one of the original brands, and a quality acrylic brand among all else. Solar nails have the appearance of a French manicure with a pink nail bed and white tips as they use 2 different shades of acrylic to create the look.

Solar nails are usually more expensive than standard acrylic but they do not have to be filled as often. They require touch ups every three weeks compared to every two weeks for acrylic. The solar nails are also more durable than acrylic products and also the sunlight does not affect the solar nail where as the acrylic have the tendency to turn yellow over time making them the perfect choice for summertime nails.

And now that you have those perfect fingernails that you have been dreaming of, it is time that you show it off to the world. Never again hesitate before a handshake, and be ready to hold the hands of your partner. Remember, being desirable means feeling good about yourself and your appearance. Having torn and dirty nails can make you feel less attractive, so now you know you can easily do something about it and for a small cost as well.

Solar Nails- The Ideal Nails For Summer