Semi-Permanent Vs. Clip-In Hair Extensions

Many women, whether they are young or old, opt for hair extensions for many reasons. Younger women go for hair extensions to add length, volume, and also highlights and lowlights to their natural hair. On the other hand, older women may go for hair extensions to add volume to their thinning or balding hair due to aging.

Semi-permanent hair extensions are very popular, especially among women who are looking for hair extensions that match their natural hair color and texture perfectly. Semi-permanent hair extensions will also last long, particularly when affixed by a certified professional extensionist.

However, there are cons to using semi-permanent hair extensions. The cost of installing semi-permanent hair extensions at hair salons can be quite high. This is because the hair stylist or hair extensionist at salons have been trained, and therefore, you will have to pay a high price for their services. You will also need to spend time in the salon, including future visits for maintenance, once your hair extensions are installed. Over time, you will need to have them rebonded or tightened once the bond weakens.

On the other hand, many women also choose to wear clip-in hair extensions. These DIY hair extensions are not only inexpensive, but they also almost eliminate the need to go to the salon. They do not damage your hair, and therefore, they are great for women with any type of hair. Clip-on hair extensions are also easy to remove, compared to semi-permanent hair extensions and offer you a wide variety of styles such as layered hairstyles, curly hair styles, long straight hair, or long wavy hair.

There are a few cons of clip-in hair extensions. You will need to research and find the right hair extensions that match your natural hair color. You will also need to find good quality brand of clip-on hair extensions that do not get tangled up easily and do not shed. Clip-on hair extensions may not last long and you may need to purchase replacements but overall the cost is less than the semi-permanent hair extensions.

Semi-Permanent Vs. Clip-In Hair Extensions