Removing Skin Tags Yourself

There are millions of people around the world who have a number of skin tags present on their body. Skin tags are simply large lumps of flesh that cause no damage, but they can be unsightly and irritating to many people. Some skin tags can become malignant if they are improperly cared for, but the majority of skin tags are harmless.

Many people want to remove their skin tags, but find that their insurance doesn’t actually cover this cosmetic process. While many people simply go ahead and fork over the cash themselves to have their skin tags removed, some can end up spending a good amount of money if they have numerous skin tags covering their body.

There are some home remedies that you can use that will help you remove your skin tags, and they will cost you next to nothing. These remedies simply use items that you can find around any household, and are a quick and easy way to remove your skin tags.

Be very careful when deciding whether the growth of skin on your body is a skin tag, or if it is a mole or wart. There are different ways to remove moles and warts, but they are not the same as removing skin tags. Check the growth of skin, and be very sure that it is a skin tag before removing it with these simple home remedies.

How to Remove Skin Tags Yourself

The first method takes advantage of two simple items you will find around the house: dental floss or common thread, and some scissors. Make sure to sterilize the scissors before cutting off your skin tag, in order to ensure that there is no infection. Wrap the dental floss or thread around the root of the skin tag, pull it tight, and use the scissors to cut the skin tag off. The sharper the scissors, the easier it will be to cut the skin tag off. Apply a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide or sterilizing alcohol to ensure that the cut skin tag doesn’t get infected.

The second method involves apple cider vinegar. Simply take a ball of cotton and pour some of the vinegar onto it. Press the cotton ball directly onto the skin tag, and let the vinegar soak into the skin tag. This process will take a couple of weeks, but by doing this faithfully 3 times every day your skin tag should simply fall off within 2-4 weeks. Be very careful if you are trying to remove a skin tag near your eyes, as apple vinegar will burn your eyes badly if it gets into them.

The final home remedy involves castor oil and baking soda. Combine these two ingredients and apply the resulting paste to your skin tags 3 times every day. If you do that faithfully, within 2-4 weeks your skin tags should dry up, shrivel, and fall off.

These are a few simple home remedies, but you should always consult with your dermatologist before trying these remedies. Be sure that your skin tag is safe to remove before trying these tricks to get rid of your skin tags yourself.

Removing Skin Tags Yourself