Olive Oil for Eyelashes- Grow Lashes the Natural Way!

Have you ever wanted to make your eyelashes longer and thicker the natural way without having to spend a fortune? Longer eyelashes are a sign of beauty and elegance but growing longer lashes take time, patience, and sometimes a lot of money. There is a simple household item that can make your eyelashes stronger, longer, and even fuller that you may already have in the cupboard- Olive Oil! Yes, you can use olive oil for eyelashes and even hair to make it stronger, thicker, and longer.

Olive oil is natural and safe to use around your eyes, just try not to get it in your eyes if you can help it. It is also safe to put it on your skin so there is minimal risk of allergies and other issues that can arise from synthetic products that cost a fortune to grow lashes.

How to grow lashes the natural way:

Only a few things you need for making your eyelashes longer: Extra Virgin Olive Oil – which you can usually find at your local supermarket and a few q-tips.

Applying the olive oil should be done before bedtime so it gets a chance to be absorbed by the lashes. Start by washing your face first then take a small bowl of the Extra Virgin Olive-you only need like five tiny drops. Grab a q-tip and dab it into the Extra Virgin Olive Oil then rub it over your eyelashes. Get as close to the inner of your eyelashes as possible without getting it in your eyes. Make sure you get both eyes, top and bottom, and that is it!

Keep the oil on overnight and go to sleep. When you wake up, just wash your face normally. It may take several weeks before you notice a difference in your lashes, but you might notice them getting fuller and thicker first. Maintain this routine for at least 6 weeks for optimal results and continue it as desired. You can also use the olive oil on your eyebrows to grow them as well and it is also a great product for nails (but that is another post for another day).

Let us know what your experience has been with natural products. Have you given Olive Oil a try? Did it work wonders like it did us?

Olive Oil for Eyelashes- Grow Lashes the Natural Way!