Mayonnaise Hair Treatment

Back in the 1950 mayonnaise hair treatments were all the rage as a cheap, effective way to deeply condition the hair. It lost its popularity overtime as more and more designer hair conditioning treatments came out, but even today it’s a great inexpensive home remedy for dry and damages hair that is cheap and efficient.

Why Use A Homemade Hair Treatment?

If you are like most people, your hair is exposed to many harsh environmental factors such as drying wind and hot sun and an accumulation of styling products such as hair sprays or gels. Many hair styling products contain alcohol and can be very drying and damaging to hair follicles.

Over time, hair can become visibly dry and damaged. Regularly conditioning the hair with a mayonnaise hair treatment or other conditioner helps protect the hair from heat and styling stress and helps to repair it making it look healthy, shiny, and less frizzy.
Most commercial hair conditioners today contain chemicals that can irritate your eyes or skin. By making your own healthy hair treatments you can save money and also condition your hair free of any potentially harmful chemicals that can irritate the skin or scalp.

What are the Benefits of a Mayonnaise Hair Treatment?

The egg yolk contains a form of protein that is commonly found in standard hair treatments and conditioners. Using either an egg shampoo or a type of egg/mayonnaise hair treatment, the protein from the yolk temporarily fills in gaps in the hair shaft, making the individual micro layers of the hair lie flat, giving the hair a fuller, shinier appearance.

Homemade Mayonnaise Hair Recipe

Making mayonnaise from scratch is not complicated, although it takes a bit of time. Lightly beat an egg yolk in a large mixing bowl and drizzle in 1/2 cup of extra-virgin olive oil, using a hand mixer to whip it until it forms light foamy peaks turning into mayonnaise.
Apply to clean dry hair and comb through thoroughly. Cover with a plastic bag or wrap and leave on for at least 20 minutes, then rinse well and style as usual.

Of course, the shortcut is to apply about 1/4 cup of store bought mayonnaise or hair mayo below. The only downfall to this is the smell, for some reason, store bought mayo has a stronger smell. I realize there are worse things in life than placing mayonaise in hair and scalp, but it can take an adjust as far as the smell is concerned. Either should provide similar benefits: deeply conditioned hair for pennies per treatment.

Mayonnaise Hair Treatment