Keratin Hair Treatment: Side Effects

Many people are not familiar with the word Keratin, but it is a word that is drawing more attention every day. It is found in teeth, nails, and is the natural protein that gives the shiny, soft texture to hair. Curly and frizzy hair is often caused by a lack of enough natural keratin to give the hair a smooth texture.

Since keratin is what does so much good for our hair when nature puts it there, it makes sense for keratin to be used in hair treatment to straighten hair. There are no harsh chemicals used, as it works against frizz. Basically, the keratin hair treatment, which comes from non-human sources such as animals, has the purpose of restoring keratin in the hair.

What is Keratin Hair Treatment?

With the keratin hair treatment, the hair receives a coating of keratin product, and then hot ironing. That process traps moisture and keeps it in the hair by covering the cuticles with keratin. Then the keratin product is rinsed off. Sleek, frizz-free, straight hair costs quite a bit, but the results are worth it – or are they? The client happily leaves, thrilled with straight hair, and remembering there is a need to wash the hair after 72 hours have passed.

The client quickly turns unhappy after the first wash. Some of the side effects may not show for years, but others become apparent soon after the shampoo. A slow-to-appear possibility is cancer. Formaldehyde, which can cause cancer, is part of nearly every keratin hair treatment product. It is what causes the straightening. A client will get a mask to help avoid breathing in the fumes, but the skin will still absorb them.

Some people will ignore the long-term threat to get the look they want. Here is a right now, after the first washing, effect that will make you cry. Your hair is going to fall out. Buy all the expensive hair care products recommended. It does not matter. For many, so much hair falls out that the once frizzy, curly mass of hair looks bedraggled and thin. You will probably want to see a dermatologist to be certain it is not something else causing the hair loss, but do mention the keratin treatment so the doctor knows that is a strong possibility.

Your hair texture will be determined by the stylist. Keratin hair treatments come in different strengths and brands. You want the one for your hair, not someone else’s that just happens to be handy. Be certain you tell your stylist about any allergies. That information should be on the card you filled out, but the stylist may not have seen it. Speak up. You could react with a rash, swelling, nosebleeds, or itching. It could be a worse reaction than the previous four mentioned.

Within two or three weeks of the keratin hair treatment, your hair will dry out. The color often fades. It is not making the soft waves you were looking forward to. It is just straight. Some people may have no bad results, with the exception of the carcinogen formaldehyde. Think this procedure over carefully, because you really do have a lot to lose, starting with your hair and possibly ending with your life.

Keratin Hair Treatment: Side Effects