1. Choose the curlers. Smaller ones formed tight curls, while large ones create soft and large waves. To use larger ones, at least you have to have long hair down to one’s shoulders. The hot curlers are good for any hair type, except for those very purposes, which may break. Moreover, much they reduce frizz.
  • If you have long, thick hair, you will need a set of at least 10-12 curlers. If you are shorter and purposes, it takes a 5 or 6. Those give softness and shine and are ideal if your hair tends to frizz.
  • If you have very curly hair, before starting the crease made smooth with the hair dryer.

How to use Heated Curlers

  1. Warms curlers. It is important to be heated to the right temperature before you roll them. Follow the instructions on the package. If you have a variable temperature, experiment to find the right one.
  • For tight and defined curls, use of small rollers at high temperature. For large curls and soft, use large curlers at low temperature.
  1. Apply a thermo-protected product that helps to protect hair from damage caused by heat and fixed a long look. You can find it in cream or spray, in perfumery or beauty salons. Distribute evenly on dry hair.
  2. Divide the hair into two sections. Create one width of about 5 cm, which goes from the forehead to the neck, and fix it with a clothespin. With a tail comb, divide hair sides of the head, in parallel strands; then gaze at them with pegs.
  3. Begin to roll, starting from the forehead. Combine a full strand as the curler thick and not more than 5 cm, holding it at the top and away from the head. Place the curler from the tips and then begin to turn around the hair away from your face. Use hairpins to secure the head.
  4. Roll up also the side sections. To collect the higher hair you must turn the upper sections diagonally. Combs the sections, holding them up and away from the head; positions the diagonal curlers, starting from the tips. It will well for your head and fasten them with hairpins. Repeat until all the hair will have been rolled.
  5. Leave the curlers in the head until they have cooled. Gently remove them to get well-defined curls. It may take a while ‘to cool down if you have very thick or wavy hair, but try to be patient: it is worth it!
  6. Remove the curlers. Parts from the bottom and gradually moved toward the head. Keep holding the curler with one hand and take away with the other hairpins.
  • Do not pull the curler and you could ruin the curl or damage hair. Remove it gently.
  1. Comb your hair as you like. Brush your hair will eliminate the curl effect, creating soft waves. To keep tight and defined curls, just pass your fingers gently. Sprinkle a bit ‘of lacquer to secure them.
  • If you want a little volume, put on upside down. Shake it for a few minutes and gently pass your fingers through the curls. It will make your hair soft and fluffy to the touch.

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How to use Heated Curlers

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