Well, there are numerous ways to dry your hair, but drying it with the dryer in 3 minutes is not the best method to look after your hair and of course not to obtain glossy, manageable and completely straight or curly hair. Therefore, in this article we talk about the ways to correctly dry the hair with hair dryer.

Bear in mind that misuse of the dryer is bad for our hair. While it is perfect to dry the natural, this instrument is required for quick drying, especially throughout the winter when wet hair can bring cold. To put it simply, the hair dryers are always at our orders; it is necessary to understand how to use.

Think about the pointers to dry your hair effectively:


Meticulously, prior to the blow drying, you should first dry your hair with a towel. Just out of the shower you wrap your hair. Keep in mind to comb the hair with a large toothbrush to detangle the hair properly, without breaking.

Protect yourself

If the air is too hot, it can damage our hair. For that reason, it is suggested to utilize an item on your wet hair prior to exposing it to the dryer. This helps to secure and, last but not least, it leaves hair in a much more flexible state to comb your hair.

For drying products

There are several products that leave your hair perfect after drying. Select one depending upon the appearance you want to accomplish: if you desire a smooth and straight or define your curls.

The temperature level differs

Avoid exposing your hair to an elevated temperature level; only utilize hot air dryer to remove excess moisture. Then dry it off with fresh air to make it more workable and shiny.

For a smooth drying

One technique for having completely smooth and glossy hair is as follows: Place a flat brush or paddle brush in an area of your hair and blow-dryer nozzle at 90 degrees. Move the brush gradually from roots to ends and dry as you’re brushing.

For best curls

To shape your curls precisely and to avoid frizz, use the hair dryer diffuser. As this enables the hair to dry at a lower temperature level, the curls obtain body and volume. Toss your hair forward and start at the bottom from the back of your head making circular movements with the diffuser. Gather the hair on it and move it along the hair shaft from root to pointer.

What hair dryers to use?

It is necessary to have a great hair dryer to safeguard our hair. In that sense, it is recommended that ionic hair dryers are healthier as well as provides an excellent gleam to the hair and makes hair much easier to manage.

Perfect! We have learned to dry off the hair in the best method. Follow these methods and do not miss out on the techniques to keep hair glossy and shiny.

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How to dry your hair with hair dryer correctly

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