How to Curl Long Hair- Some Quick Tips!

Having soft and bouncy curls nowadays is indeed considered to be stylish and trendy. This might sound slightly difficult to all the ladies out there who have long and straight hair, but trust me, even if you had naturally curled locks, you would still need to work on them to achieve the best curly looks.

So let’s talk about women who have long hair. The obvious question is – how to curl long hair so that it becomes all bouncy and curly, and you get that much desired curly hair look. Well, we all know the use of rollers, don’t we? However, the main advantage of using rollers is that they take a lot of time, and well, time really is precious nowadays.

We mention below some tips on how to curl long hair that are effective, and can yet save you a lot of time.

• Curling iron – Curling irons are now extensively popular among women with short as well as medium and long length hair. Now, it is true that women with short hair have an advantage over the others when using these irons, getting perfect curls in longer hair is also something achievable. If you’ve long hair and have used curling irons in the past, you must have noticed that you hair on the top of the head still remains flat, while those at the ends and the middle tend to get heavily curled. This can be resolved if you let the iron stay for approximately 20 minutes. If this doesn’t appeal to you, get one of those irons that take nearly 10 minutes to put in and take out. Fairly simple, isn’t it?
• Use a hairspray – This is definitely an option that can help you save a lot of time, while also giving tight and much defined curls. The procedure here involves the application of the hairspray in a set downward motion while you simultaneously wrap your air onto the curling iron. This method allows you to roll your hair in sections as minimum as an inch, giving a tight curled look to your hair. Start by taking the front and moving back, and then take care of the sides, again from top to bottom. Soft finishing sprays or gels can be used to soften curls that become too tight.

One another way to curl long hair is to make use of a hard hairspray with a softening gel. The idea is to crush your hair and then soften it with the gels. The curls that you get are very attractive, and can be worn at work or even at school.

How to Curl Long Hair- Some Quick Tips!