Homemade Pore Strips

The pore strips help us in a variety of ways. Of all the things that a pore strip can be used to take care of, some of the most common applications are instant removal of dirt, oil and also blackheads. These can be used on the skin from the chin up to the forehead. However, if used frequently, they can sometimes prove to be expensive. It is for this reason that we explain here a simple method to make your own homemade pore strips. This will not only help you save money, but will also ensure that you are using the best quality product.

However, before you start on with the process of making pore strips at home, there are some components, or ingredients, that we must have. These include Know Unflavored Gelatin, a makeup brush, a small quantity if milk and a microwave. Once you have collected all these items, you are ready to create your home pore strips.

How to Make Pore Strips

Take the first step by adding only one tablespoon of the Know Unflavored Gelatin to the microwave safe bowl. Now, it is time for you take the same tablespoon and measure the same amount of milk. Add it to the bowl and then stir the mixture well. If the condition of the total ingredients is too dry, you can further add some more milk to have it in a condition wherein it is neither too dry nor too wet.

Once this is done, take the third step of placing the microwave bowl on the microwave and allowing it to heat to a warm temperature. Set the time for ten seconds. When you take the bowl out, you will clearly notice that the mixture has melted down completely, and the solution has become more mix and more ugly. Now done, you are ready with the components and can use the mixture to make homemade pore strips.

Now using the makeup brush, spread the mixture on your problem areas; the nose, chin and cheeks. Let dry for 10 to 15 minutes, then carefully peel off the mixture along with the debris in your pores. You can also place the mixture onto onion skin paper and apply as to clogged pores as you would the store-bought pore strips. Let dry and peel off. Once peeled your pores should look cleaner, healthier, and your complexion clearer!

Homemade Pore Strips