Eyelash Perming and other Popular Cosmetic Eyelash Procedures

Traditionally, long, dark, and thick eyelashes on a woman have been considered attractive, but it may surprise some people to learn just how far some women will go to have enviable lashes. Some of the most popular procedures involve artificially extending, coloring, curling, or even adding implants to your eyelashes, which each have their costs in both time and money, but many people come back week after week for touch ups.

One procedure, eyelash perming, is just what it sounds like: a tiny cloth tube is placed on top of the upper lashes, and a permanent liquid is coated onto the rod and pressed against your lashes. Most eyelash procedures are limited in duration of their effects by the life cycle of the average eyelash, which is about a month, but the upward curl will last as long as the eyelash itself does, and during this time it takes the place of an eyelash curler.

Eyelash coloring is typically done to make the eyelashes appear darker, and thus more transparent. Many blonde women have pale eyelashes that they wish to get tinted a dark brown, but even some brunettes dye their eyelashes black. Some women use this procedure if they don’t want to have to wear mascara every day and worry about it smudging, though others use it in addition to daily mascara.

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent artificial lashes that are placed against your own lashes, so they fall out when the lash does. They create a dramatic effect while not looking as obviously artificial as temporary fake eyelashes do. This procedure takes about an hour and costs about $100 for touch-ups, which will be necessary every 2-3 weeks if you wish to keep the look. Lash extensions are a popular Asian make up technique because how strong of an impact they can make on a woman with shorter, stubbier lashes.

Lash implants are usually not used as a true cosmetic procedure at all, but as a life-improving technique to help people who have permanently lost the ability to grow new lashes, often through facial burning. The lashes are grafted from hair on the person’s head, so they will keep growing and need to be trimmed to avoid growing unnaturally long, but for women who just want to look more normally, it is an extremely helpful procedure. However, most of the time when people talk about “lash implants,” they are talking about lash extensions, which are a semi-permanent procedure.

Eyelashes are such a minor feature to garner so much emphasis, but the effects of a good eyelash enhancing procedure are difficult to deny, once you have seen the results.

Eyelash Perming and other Popular Cosmetic Eyelash Procedures