Effective Treatments For Facial Mole Removal

The best treatment for facial mole removal can be determined by doing a couple preliminary things. First, have all your moles examined by a dermatologist or physician to determine that they are benign.

Second, since most people who have a facial mole, will also have other lesions on their back, arms or legs (or in some place that’s less obvious). Have at least two of them checked for malignancy, as well as the facial one. Now, you can test either a surgical procedure or a natural mole removal treatment on the less obvious nevi (mole or skin tag) and see how it heals. Does the mole disappear? Has the treatment left a visible scar? How does your body heal?

If you’ve opted to try a DIY formulation, the results of using a such a herbal product on your arm or back may prove satisfactory, so you can go ahead and try it on your face with confidence. So long as the facial lesion in question is not near your eyes or other mucous membranes that are sensitive, you will likely get similar results and won’t have to spend more money on surgery. If however the results of the initial test show that you didn’t heal well and are left with a scar that you deem too obvious, then you may need to have the facial mole cut out and cauterized or stitched by a plastic surgeon or dermatologist.

If you’re thinking that laser mole removal may be better, more technologically advanced, and will leave less of a scar, this may be true, but not in all cases. Laser treatments are not effective on raised moles, only on the flat ones, and therefore your surgeon may recommend a cutting procedure anyway.

No matter where the lesion is located, mole removal is not something to decide to do on a whim. Although most are nonmalignant, it is imperative you know this before choosing to undertake experiments with any home remedies or buying the affordable natural bloodroot formulations sold by DremaTend.

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Effective Treatments For Facial Mole Removal