Acrylic Nail Designs Perfect For Summer

Acrylic nail designs are wildly popular with women of all age groups. They are easily applied and the designs are limitless. Many women go to the salon to have them applied for an upcoming special occasion, such as a wedding, the prom or a vacation. There are still some that have them done just for everyday wear. If you already have longer nails but would like to maintain them and make them a bit stronger, you can get gel nails instead and you can still create fun nails designs on them. Not sure which is better- read our review on acrylic nails vs gel nails and decide for yourself.

Fun Summer Nail Art Design

Acrylic nail designs are very attractive and most women love to get their nails done. For the prom, a young girl may choose to have an acrylic nail design applied to match her prom dress. She can choose the colors that are in her dress or concentrate on one main color in her dress. She can add glitz and glitter to make them sparkle. She may choose an acrylic nail design that is fun, such as zebra stripes, which can be black and white or any bright color. Some young girls choose tiny flowers or hearts as an additional design on their nails. Bold, vibrant colors are very popular with young, teenage girls.

For an upcoming wedding acrylic nail designs that match the outfit you are wearing is common. You may wish to have something soft and delicate and play down your nails for a wedding. The acrylic nail design can still be beautiful, but not loud. If you happen to be the bride, a white tip with a delicate flower nail design is popular. Some brides choose a little sparkle design as well to their nails. Acrylic nail designs to match the flowers that you are carrying are especially pretty.

Beautiful Gold Cris Cross Acrylic Nail Design

For every day wear, many women choose flowers or a symbol that means something to them, such as a cross or someone’s initials. You can really play your nails up big with acrylic nail designs and pick out something loud and unusual as well, such as leopard print, watermelons or geometric shapes. Acrylic nail designs can be as unique as its creator.

Some fantastic acrylic nail designs that are perfect for summer include mild colors, gold glitter, and fun sparkles. You can definitely mix and match, but by far this seasons hottest colors are bright pastels, sparkly jeweled tones, and glitter polish that you can design into really beautiful nail art.

Acrylic Nail Designs Perfect For Summer