Acne on Back- The Factors Responsible

Almost all of us have suffered from acne related issues at some point of our life. Embarrassing as it is, the most common area affected is the face, though the occurrences of acne outbreaks are not uncommon on the neck and even down the chest. A quite uncommon situation is acne on back, and though it cannot easily be noticed by others, it still does make one self conscious. Additionally, acne on back can occur in the form of blackheads, pimples or other similar forms of acne that develop on the face and neck.

The Cause of Back Acne

Similar to the acne outbreak on the face, acne on back has no single cause. However, the medical community has determined that the factors that help develop acne on the face and other parts of the body are also responsible for this form of acne. A very common factor for the formation of acne is the overproduction of sebaceous glands that happens around the time when a person reaches the age of puberty. This can also happen when the body undergoes considerable hormonal changes.

Another major factor that has been found responsible for the formation of acne on back is the use of tight clothing. Tight clothes that cling to your skin force the perspiration from your skin to be trapped within, thus leading to irritation. And not just tight clothes, carrying heavy backpacks also cause the same effect on the area which is against the strap of the bag. This irritation in the skin caused by friction of the bag and skin can also result in the development of back acne.

An Important fact about Acne of Back

Though this has not been proved yet, there are speculations that acne on back is not affected much by your regular diet. The significance of the diet on facial acne and other areas on the front part of the body has already been proved. Also, it has been found that most people who have outbreaks of back acne also have development of acne on other areas. Now since there is no strong evidence to support the statement that back acne is not greatly affected by the food you take, it might not be a bad idea to adjust your diet a little and see if that helps.

More than half the population in the world suffers from acne related problems sometime or the other. It is best to buy over-the-counter medications as soon as you notice the symptoms. If the problems become too severe, seek professional help at the earliest.

Acne on Back- The Factors Responsible