The Ultimate Shopping Guide for Hair Straighteners!

Do you know the differences between the materials of the plates of the hair plates? Do you prefer ceramics, titanium or tourmaline? With or without ionizer? What width should your future hair iron have? And the temperature, what temperature suits you according to your hair type?

As you can see, buying hair irons is no easy task. As technology advances, new features and improved functionality are added to these devices – which we celebrate – but which, inevitably, make the purchase process more difficult.

It should not be like that. Buying the right hair irons, or making the wrong choice, can completely determine the appearance of your hair for years to come. Quality hair irons that, in addition, are the right and optimal for your type of hair will allow you to get the most out of your hair, in addition to maintaining the health of the hair.

So with the objective of not meeting another friend complaining about some plates because I did not know how to choose the right ones … Here it is The Definitive Guide to the hair irons 🙂

How does hair iron work?

Our hairs are made up of a protein known as keratin. Keratin is formed by a series of very rich sulfur amino acids which, among them, form disulfide bonds (or bridges), which are chains linking a sulfur atom with another that is nearby. The number and nature of such bonds which are formed in the keratin fibers are genetically determined.

The good news is that with enough heat we can break those disulfide bonds. By applying heat we deform and/or break the bonds that our hair presents naturally while keeping the hair tense, while we cool it when we stop applying heat, we force the new bonds to form at will.

The main problem we face is that there is no consensus on what temperature is optimal for breaking the disulfide bridges. Some studies indicate that they begin to break from 70ºC, others that depend on environmental factors. The GHD brand, for example, is known for having all its plates maintained at a fixed temperature of 185 ° C.

It is not true that at higher temperatures the hair smoothes faster. The reality is that lower but steady heat works better. Our research shows that the use of above-optimal temperature for hair ironing is detrimental to the same

Later we will return to the subject of temperature and our recommendations in this regard. For now, let’s start with the guide from the beginning!

The materials and technologies of the hair irons

We dare to say that this characteristic is the one that is going to be the most determinant of all. The materials of the plates will be the point of contact between the plates and your hair, they will be in contact with this several times a week. It is important that it is a material capable of offering a stable and homogeneous temperature that behaves smoothly on contact with the hair and does not transmit static electricity. Let’s see the best known and used:

1. The pottery

Pottery is the dominant material in most medium and high-end hair irons. For what is this? As the ceramic has a very low coefficient of friction (which means less damage to the hair), it is a good conductor of heat and has a high durability. In addition, ceramics tend to transmit negative ions, so it balances the static electricity charge of our hair and prevents frizz and hair snorting.

Of course, you must take into account that what is customary to sell as “ceramic plates” is usually an exterior cladding. Ceramics are usually used in conjunction with other materials. For example, the award-winning GHD V Gold Classic plates use a ceramic coating applied to aluminum plates. This material, as the brand itself, leads heat 4 times better than steel. Ultimately, what distinguishes good plates from mediocre ones is that they are able to conduct the heat well and distribute it evenly on the surface of the plates.

2. Ceramics with tourmaline

Tourmaline is a mineral of the silicate class, whose main property is pyroelectricity. More than 2,300 years ago this stone already caught the attention of the ancient philosophers, who realized that when it was heated it was able to attract straw, ash or small wood chips. What happened was that when heating the tourmaline an electric field is induced in the particles of the material, caused by movement of positive and negative charges at the opposite ends of the surface.

If such a pyroelectric property occurs when the material is in contact with our mane, what happens is that the negative charges generated by the tourmaline on heating tend to “jump” to our mane, which is full of positive charges after drying. The negative charges are relocated on the surface of our hair, producing a compensation of its electric charge.

In short, tourmaline charges our mane of negative ions, which results in fewer frizzes and a brighter and healthier appearance.

The most common are to mix with the pottery. When the ceramic coating is prepared, they crush and mix particles of this material which, however small, are already capable of producing the negative ionic charges of which we have spoken.

Some of the most recognized brands that use this technology are Rowenta, in its Liss & Curl Elite or Karmin plates, in its G3 Salon Pro model.

How to use Heated Curlers

  1. Choose the curlers. Smaller ones formed tight curls, while large ones create soft and large waves. To use larger ones, at least you have to have long hair down to one’s shoulders. The hot curlers are good for any hair type, except for those very purposes, which may break. Moreover, much they reduce frizz.
  • If you have long, thick hair, you will need a set of at least 10-12 curlers. If you are shorter and purposes, it takes a 5 or 6. Those give softness and shine and are ideal if your hair tends to frizz.
  • If you have very curly hair, before starting the crease made smooth with the hair dryer.

How to use Heated Curlers

  1. Warms curlers. It is important to be heated to the right temperature before you roll them. Follow the instructions on the package. If you have a variable temperature, experiment to find the right one.
  • For tight and defined curls, use of small rollers at high temperature. For large curls and soft, use large curlers at low temperature.
  1. Apply a thermo-protected product that helps to protect hair from damage caused by heat and fixed a long look. You can find it in cream or spray, in perfumery or beauty salons. Distribute evenly on dry hair.
  2. Divide the hair into two sections. Create one width of about 5 cm, which goes from the forehead to the neck, and fix it with a clothespin. With a tail comb, divide hair sides of the head, in parallel strands; then gaze at them with pegs.
  3. Begin to roll, starting from the forehead. Combine a full strand as the curler thick and not more than 5 cm, holding it at the top and away from the head. Place the curler from the tips and then begin to turn around the hair away from your face. Use hairpins to secure the head.
  4. Roll up also the side sections. To collect the higher hair you must turn the upper sections diagonally. Combs the sections, holding them up and away from the head; positions the diagonal curlers, starting from the tips. It will well for your head and fasten them with hairpins. Repeat until all the hair will have been rolled.
  5. Leave the curlers in the head until they have cooled. Gently remove them to get well-defined curls. It may take a while ‘to cool down if you have very thick or wavy hair, but try to be patient: it is worth it!
  6. Remove the curlers. Parts from the bottom and gradually moved toward the head. Keep holding the curler with one hand and take away with the other hairpins.
  • Do not pull the curler and you could ruin the curl or damage hair. Remove it gently.
  1. Comb your hair as you like. Brush your hair will eliminate the curl effect, creating soft waves. To keep tight and defined curls, just pass your fingers gently. Sprinkle a bit ‘of lacquer to secure them.
  • If you want a little volume, put on upside down. Shake it for a few minutes and gently pass your fingers through the curls. It will make your hair soft and fluffy to the touch.

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Permanent Curl: Result On Different Types Of Hair

It has always happened that females with curly or smooth hair and have not chosen themselves that they had smooth or curly hair. I am of supporting that it is much better to accept exactly what nature has provided you and make the most of your physical and emotional qualities.

However if you wish to have wavy hair you need not need to sigh more whenever you search in the mirror and see your straight hair. Nor is it essential that you need to use your curling irons every morning to have the hair you dream about. Now there are other solutions like irreversible that can drastically improve your life. So you can take pleasure in more of your hair as well as put aside the tools that discharge excessive heat that eventually can be dangerous to you.

A good solution: the curly long-term

Lasting hair can be a great option for females who have smooth hairs.

When you use curlers in your hair to get a little curl or medium are gotten, permanent curl is not the very same or the same outcomes as this. The purpose of the permanent curl is mostly offered to hair waves and provides volume and vigor to the hair.

It is also a good solution due to the fact that it has advantages such as permanent curls that resembles that you have more hair than you actually have, so at first glimpse you’ll discover that you have more volume in your hair. Your hair might appear to be twice bulky so it will look much more healthy and appealing, specifically, if you’re used to have hair too thin.

How long-term curl done?

Due to the fact that they want to make huge waves and some loose curls, permanent curls are made with large waviness bars. Since the latter is constant and seeks delicate curl around the hair of females, it has nothing to do with the standard long-term.

Is it necessary to have long hair?

Perhaps you’re waiting for your hair to grow in order to curl your hair; however, you ought to know that this is not essential. Your stylist can use an irreversible bar that is commensurate to the length of your hair, so if you have short hair it will be the most pronounced waviness that if you had a long mane. It is even possible that the outcome you like better in this manner, attempt everything!

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How much time long-term curling takes?

When you wish to get the irreversible curl you need to take some time because it usually lasts about 2 hours, but this can differ depending on the amount and length of hair.

After treatment, you will not splash or wash your hair for a minimum of 36 hours as it is the time that the item has to dry and settle in your hair. It is regular throughout this time that you see your hair curlier than it finally will be, however, as the days goes the waves will extend and take a really appealing flow.

Do not believe that the permanent curl is for life since this is not the case at all even if it seems so with the name it has. Curly long-term can be preserved from 2 to 6 months. However, the period depends on the kind of hair you have, but above all, care and maintenance you do to your hair.

Things you should know about the curly irreversible

In addition to everything mentioned here, there are some things you ought to also know about the permanent curl to make it last longer and feel your perfect hair.

The best base is a hair that is not harmed

Something essentials you have to know is that not it will look admirable if you have seriously broken hair. Chemicals you utilized previously have actually hurt your hair and will not assist you now to look better with long-term curl; certainly, you might submit your hair to this treatment that might make your hair even more fragile to trigger breakage and loss of hair. It is needed that prior to starting the permanent curl, talk to your stylist.

However in the house, you can do a simple test to see if your hair is significantly harmed or if it is not. Just pluck one hair and put it in a bowl of water. But if it sinks viewing your hair is too damaged, if your hair drifts on the surface it implies that your hair is healthy.

Even if your hair is not extremely healthy or very dry, you must understand that it is a chemical treatment and realize this treatment is rather aggressive for your hair.

Is it worth: the permanent curl?

If you take a good care of your hair with long-term curl, it will indicate that you will not have to use heat tools in a while, you simply have to think about some modifications in routine care of your hair. You need a product to form your curls every day as well as a hair oil to assist you to eliminate frizz. Obviously, you’ll need to ensure your hair is moisturized all the time because the waves of your hair is needed.

How to dry your hair with hair dryer correctly

Well, there are numerous ways to dry your hair, but drying it with the dryer in 3 minutes is not the best method to look after your hair and of course not to obtain glossy, manageable and completely straight or curly hair. Therefore, in this article we talk about the ways to correctly dry the hair with hair dryer.

Bear in mind that misuse of the dryer is bad for our hair. While it is perfect to dry the natural, this instrument is required for quick drying, especially throughout the winter when wet hair can bring cold. To put it simply, the hair dryers are always at our orders; it is necessary to understand how to use.

Think about the pointers to dry your hair effectively:


Meticulously, prior to the blow drying, you should first dry your hair with a towel. Just out of the shower you wrap your hair. Keep in mind to comb the hair with a large toothbrush to detangle the hair properly, without breaking.

Protect yourself

If the air is too hot, it can damage our hair. For that reason, it is suggested to utilize an item on your wet hair prior to exposing it to the dryer. This helps to secure and, last but not least, it leaves hair in a much more flexible state to comb your hair.

For drying products

There are several products that leave your hair perfect after drying. Select one depending upon the appearance you want to accomplish: if you desire a smooth and straight or define your curls.

The temperature level differs

Avoid exposing your hair to an elevated temperature level; only utilize hot air dryer to remove excess moisture. Then dry it off with fresh air to make it more workable and shiny.

For a smooth drying

One technique for having completely smooth and glossy hair is as follows: Place a flat brush or paddle brush in an area of your hair and blow-dryer nozzle at 90 degrees. Move the brush gradually from roots to ends and dry as you’re brushing.

For best curls

To shape your curls precisely and to avoid frizz, use the hair dryer diffuser. As this enables the hair to dry at a lower temperature level, the curls obtain body and volume. Toss your hair forward and start at the bottom from the back of your head making circular movements with the diffuser. Gather the hair on it and move it along the hair shaft from root to pointer.

What hair dryers to use?

It is necessary to have a great hair dryer to safeguard our hair. In that sense, it is recommended that ionic hair dryers are healthier as well as provides an excellent gleam to the hair and makes hair much easier to manage.

Perfect! We have learned to dry off the hair in the best method. Follow these methods and do not miss out on the techniques to keep hair glossy and shiny.

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Solar Nails- The Ideal Nails For Summer

Solar Nails- The Ideal Nails For Summer

Beauty nowadays does not come only from within, but in fact, is noticed throughout the body. For women who love to be trendy and in accordance with the latest fashion, solar nails are no surprise. Just like any other part of your body, your nails need care and admiration too.

One should always take proper care of their natural finger nails. As a matter of fact, we recommend integrating this into your routine, like twice every week, and you can notice the different that it makes almost instantly. Nicely manicured nails are one of the most popular ways to pamper your beautiful fingernails. Beauty experts are of the opinion that a scheduled manicure is almost like visiting your nail doctor, since these ensure that your nails remain healthy and stay beautiful. Lots of dirt and bacteria can build up underneath your nails, and its important to keep them clean and free of debris and dirt.

Choosing the Best False Nails

Most women love to sport long fingernails. Not only is this a distinguished sign of femininity, but also enhances the look of your fingers. However, not all of us are fortunate enough to grow these as long as want, as this is largely attributed to our genetic structure.

The fashion industry now has solutions for these, and these are presented in the form of false nails. These false nails are used to dress your natural finger nails, and are a perfect alternative for anyone who would love to have long fingernails, but find it impossible to grow with natural means.

There are numerous varieties of these false nails, and some of these include acrylic nails, solar nails and gel nails. Although all these basically serve the same purpose, each of them has their own advantages as well as disadvantages. Therefore, it is best that you read about all the available forms in detail before finalizing on any one specific design.

What are Solar Nails?

Solar Nails is a specific type of acrylic manufactured by Creative Nail Design. It is one of the original brands, and a quality acrylic brand among all else. Solar nails have the appearance of a French manicure with a pink nail bed and white tips as they use 2 different shades of acrylic to create the look.

Solar nails are usually more expensive than standard acrylic but they do not have to be filled as often. They require touch ups every three weeks compared to every two weeks for acrylic. The solar nails are also more durable than acrylic products and also the sunlight does not affect the solar nail where as the acrylic have the tendency to turn yellow over time making them the perfect choice for summertime nails.

And now that you have those perfect fingernails that you have been dreaming of, it is time that you show it off to the world. Never again hesitate before a handshake, and be ready to hold the hands of your partner. Remember, being desirable means feeling good about yourself and your appearance. Having torn and dirty nails can make you feel less attractive, so now you know you can easily do something about it and for a small cost as well.

How to Curl Long Hair- Some Quick Tips!

How to Curl Long Hair- Some Quick Tips!

Having soft and bouncy curls nowadays is indeed considered to be stylish and trendy. This might sound slightly difficult to all the ladies out there who have long and straight hair, but trust me, even if you had naturally curled locks, you would still need to work on them to achieve the best curly looks.

So let’s talk about women who have long hair. The obvious question is – how to curl long hair so that it becomes all bouncy and curly, and you get that much desired curly hair look. Well, we all know the use of rollers, don’t we? However, the main advantage of using rollers is that they take a lot of time, and well, time really is precious nowadays.

We mention below some tips on how to curl long hair that are effective, and can yet save you a lot of time.

• Curling iron – Curling irons are now extensively popular among women with short as well as medium and long length hair. Now, it is true that women with short hair have an advantage over the others when using these irons, getting perfect curls in longer hair is also something achievable. If you’ve long hair and have used curling irons in the past, you must have noticed that you hair on the top of the head still remains flat, while those at the ends and the middle tend to get heavily curled. This can be resolved if you let the iron stay for approximately 20 minutes. If this doesn’t appeal to you, get one of those irons that take nearly 10 minutes to put in and take out. Fairly simple, isn’t it?
• Use a hairspray – This is definitely an option that can help you save a lot of time, while also giving tight and much defined curls. The procedure here involves the application of the hairspray in a set downward motion while you simultaneously wrap your air onto the curling iron. This method allows you to roll your hair in sections as minimum as an inch, giving a tight curled look to your hair. Start by taking the front and moving back, and then take care of the sides, again from top to bottom. Soft finishing sprays or gels can be used to soften curls that become too tight.

One another way to curl long hair is to make use of a hard hairspray with a softening gel. The idea is to crush your hair and then soften it with the gels. The curls that you get are very attractive, and can be worn at work or even at school.

The Best Tanning Lotion- Get Tanned Safely!

The Best Tanning Lotion- Get Tanned Safely!

Take a look at the cosmetic section of your favorite beauty store, and you will instantly know that the competition among the brands is tough. There are numerous tanning lotions waiting available, all waiting to be picked by you. True, most of them do work (or they won’t be there in the top selling stores). However, it is also known that if one brand of tanning lotion worked on someone you know it will necessarily work for you as well.

Everyone among us have our own personal preferences about what to expect from a tanning lotion. These results offered by these lotions depend on a number of factors, and your skin type, your previous tanning experiences, and the tanning bed equipment are only a few.

What to expect from the best tanning lotions?

As already pointed out above, each of us has different expectations when it comes to the results of using these lotions. However, there are some points that one should essentially look for when choosing a tanning lotion. These are:

  • Skin care – the best tanning lotions take proper care of your skin, and are also known to increase your skin’s absorption of UV light.
  • Moisturize – when looking for the best tanning lotion, keep in mind that a lotion that is capable of moisturizing your skin efficiently and also quickly is the best one. This also helps reduce any problems of dry skin.
  • Protection from the sun – good tanning lotions also ensure that your body remains protected from the harmful effects of sun light.

What do experts recommend?

As per experts, sunless tanning lotions are considered to be the best among the lot, and this is attributed to a number of reasons. The main advantage of using sunless tanning lotions is that you do not need to expose your skin to the harmful effects of UV rays, thus minimizing all possibilities of harmful effects.

The procedure of application of these lotions is also the most convenient. Rub the lotion on your body, and you get a tanned effect instantly! The process is simple and can save you a lot of time.

It is always advised to search around a bit for the best tanning lotion for your skin type. Information about these can be obtained from various online sources. It is also wise to read the reviews of a product that you intend to buy before you actually buy it.

Do Pore Strips Work?

Do Pore Strips Work?

Pore strips are marketed towards people who are suffering from clogged pores. Everyone knows that clogged pores eventually lead to pimples so it’s a good idea to try to remove as much pore-clogging material as possible before it becomes a bigger problem. These strips act much in the same way tape does- you stick it onto your face, wait a few minutes, and then quickly pull it off. Everything that was inside your pores should then be stuck into the strip, ready to be tossed away and leaving your skin clearer than it was before. It sounds great in theory. But do these strips really work?

A lot of people cite the fact that they can see the contents of their pores stuck into the strip as evidence of its efficacy. And while they certainly do remove at least some of the gunk that rests inside, they are not capable of removing all of it. They are best for getting rid of smaller blackheads, particularly those that are often found in the nose and forehead areas. Bigger and deeper ones require manual extraction. And they don’t do anything for pimples or closed pores. In fact, some people report that they leave the pores slightly more open after use, which makes it easier for bacteria to enter and cause breakouts.

Another drawback of using these strips is that they can be painful to remove. People with sensitive skin might want to test them on a small area before committing to the entire nose just in case they find it unbearable. However, some people are not bothered by this and it certainly doesn’t compare to the pain of waxing. It’s also a good idea to wash your face after removing the strip to remove any bits of glue or gunk that are left behind.

If you are wondering how to get rid of blackheads when pore strips won’t cut it, you might want to look into a blackhead extraction tool to help deal with them individually on a gentler basis. You could also try a chemical exfoliant such as salicylic acid, which is highly effective at cleaning pore-clogging material from the skin. Preventive maintenance is the best way to deal with clogged pores. Avoiding extra oil on the face is the best blackhead and acne tip you can follow. Keeping the face as clean as possible can help prevent future breakouts so be sure to use an acne wash daily and never sleep in makeup.

The Best Electric Pore Cleanser

The Best Electric Pore Cleanser

There are a few electric pore cleansers on the market today, however there is only one as of right now that works, and works well- It’s the Panasonic Progressions Pore Cleanser with Mist. The one we reviewed is model EH2511A- Please note this is NOT a paid review of any sort, we did this on our own and these are our true findings.

How Does it Work?

The unit is rechargeable and waterproof that uses a strong suction- (yes strong) to clean out dirty and clogged pores by penetrating deep below the skin’s surface. It also comes with a nice mist feature that tones and smoothes skin. There is a reversible nozzle that has a narrow end for the nose and a wide end for the rest of the facial area which makes the entire process of cleansing your face take just a few minutes.

The easiest way we have found to use it is while in the shower or after a nice steam which opens your pores and readies them for the suction power of the Panasonic electric pore cleanser. You then can start with your face or nose using the appropriate nozzle and suck out all the dirt and gunk. There are no chemicals involved and no pain- just a gentle suction that cleanses your face. You must continue to move the tool around your face while NOT leaving it in one sport for too long or you will be left with red marks from the suction. For the best results you really have to use it while in the shower or after a steam- using it dry on the face did not work nearly as well as while wet.

Does the Electric Pore Cleanser Work Well?

It only takes a few minutes to clean, and once it’s done you will notice you face feels cleaner and softer. With regular use those with blemish-prone skin will see a dramatic reduction in the frequency and severity of break outs- it took us about 2-3 weeks to really start to notice this. It also helps keep those little blackheads on your nose clear and less noticeable.

Our best beauty tips always suggest using it in combination with a pore refining mask, this tool is comparable to a salon facial visit and much less costly over time. One thing noted is that this regimen must be continued regularly to see a noticeable difference, but it does work. We read a bunch of reviews that stated they had used their electric pore cleanser for over a year and it was still going strong- so for about $50 you can have weekly facials for a year- true bargain!

Who would we recommend use The Electric Pore Cleanser?

We would recommend this product to basically anyone who wants to have cleaner, smaller looking pores or for those of us who are blemish-prone. We found it most effective for thoroughly cleansing enlarged pores. It’s great for the T-Zone area of the face, particularly around the nose and inner cheeks. You do have to keep in mind that this tool does not use chemicals at all and is relatively safe in comparison to other facial cleansers, peels, and pore removers, however for some people that might bruise easy or have very sensitive skin we might not suggest it.

Of the 3 of us that tried this electric pore cleanser, none of us was left with any bruising, but I would suggest everyone who does purchase this tool to READ the instructions carefully! Also, if you do not have large pores or are looking for something to give you instantly clear pores and perfect skin- this will not do it.

Overall Product performance

We were really skeptical regarding this gadget, as the results seemed to be either positive or negative, but were pleasantly surprised it worked. It really did reduce the appearance of facial blemishes such as blackheads and whiteheads and cleanse the pores. This product does what it claims to do. It cleans out your pores and helps prevent new blackheads and other blemishes from appearing. After charging the unit, you use it once on your nose and then your facial area.

After suctioning, you use the mist feature to help soothe the face and to close the pores. The results are definitely not immediate and is intended to be a supplementary tool used for prevention and maintenance alongside pore cleanser products, toning, and masks. You probably won’t notice any dramatic results in the first week, but don’t give up. Keep using it for at least 4 weeks before making a final decision.

Effective Treatments For Facial Mole Removal

Effective Treatments For Facial Mole Removal

The best treatment for facial mole removal can be determined by doing a couple preliminary things. First, have all your moles examined by a dermatologist or physician to determine that they are benign.

Second, since most people who have a facial mole, will also have other lesions on their back, arms or legs (or in some place that’s less obvious). Have at least two of them checked for malignancy, as well as the facial one. Now, you can test either a surgical procedure or a natural mole removal treatment on the less obvious nevi (mole or skin tag) and see how it heals. Does the mole disappear? Has the treatment left a visible scar? How does your body heal?

If you’ve opted to try a DIY formulation, the results of using a such a herbal product on your arm or back may prove satisfactory, so you can go ahead and try it on your face with confidence. So long as the facial lesion in question is not near your eyes or other mucous membranes that are sensitive, you will likely get similar results and won’t have to spend more money on surgery. If however the results of the initial test show that you didn’t heal well and are left with a scar that you deem too obvious, then you may need to have the facial mole cut out and cauterized or stitched by a plastic surgeon or dermatologist.

If you’re thinking that laser mole removal may be better, more technologically advanced, and will leave less of a scar, this may be true, but not in all cases. Laser treatments are not effective on raised moles, only on the flat ones, and therefore your surgeon may recommend a cutting procedure anyway.

No matter where the lesion is located, mole removal is not something to decide to do on a whim. Although most are nonmalignant, it is imperative you know this before choosing to undertake experiments with any home remedies or buying the affordable natural bloodroot formulations sold by DremaTend.

If you would like more information on the available cosmetic procedures visit Permanent Hair Removal Systems.

Be Skin Tag Free For Life

Be Skin Tag Free For Life

Having unblemished skin is a sure attention grabber. I once met a girl in a party who did nothing special nor was she the most beautiful among them but she got everybody’s attention because of her flawless skin. Not every girl can be as fortunate as she. What if you happen to have skin tags that play practical jokes to your skin?

Nothing to worry about. You don’t need to spend sleepless nights over it. You can now easily free yourself from embarrassment by just using the best skin tag remover readily available in the market today. You have a lot to choose from and you can do the application in the comfort and privacy of your own room.

What are these troublesome skin growths anyway? They’re just part of the mutation process, an excess growth of skin which usually is found in the armpits, in the eyelids and even in the genital area. So if yours happen to be in your most private parts it would be quite embarrassing to show those to anyone even perhaps to your family doctor. Since these are just minor nuisances you can easily do the removing yourself.

Just be sure that is just an ordinary skin tag. You can easily identify it by its size. It can usually be around one and a half inches thick with soft skin that can even be folded. The bigger ones may not be skin tags anymore. It would be advisable to have it checked by a dermatologist. But once you are pretty sure that it is really just an ordinary skin tag you may now proceed to do the removing with the help of the best skin tag remover of your choice.

Why do we bother with such little things? Yes, they might seem insignificant but it is better to be free from them and feel good about yourself. Having a skin tag free skin is an indicator of the kind of personality you have. Being skin tag free means impeccability. Being solicitous about little things means you can be relied upon when it comes to bigger things. Being skin tag free after all is not as trivial as it seems!

Zeno Hot Spot Clearing Device Review

Zeno Hot Spot Clearing Device Review

Zeno Hot Spot is not a acne scrub, cream or serum. In fact, it is a hand held device that you use to shoot heat into individual pimples. Results are supposed to appear within an hour and if used as directed the company claims that 90% of pimples are gone within 24 hours.

However, there is a catch. Zeno hot spot doesn’t work on white heads, black heads or pustules. Which means that you have to catch that acne while it is simply a red spot in order for this product to work. So, for people who go to bed with clear skin and wake up with full blown white heads this product will be of little or no use.

How Zeno Hot Spot Works

You can get a Zeno hot spot for around $40.00 which will give you 80 uses. To use it you press the power button and a power indicator light will come on to signal the treatment has started. You then hold the silver metal pad against your red bump for 2 ½ minutes. The hot spot will make a sound every 30 seconds and then give a multi signal at the end of the two minutes when the treatment is done.

You repeat the treatment every 4 to 12 hours until the zits are gone. It usually takes 2 to 3 treatments to completely get rid of the blemish. This means that you will only be able to treat between 30 and 40 blemishes before the product is gone.

What The Reviews Say

The Zeno hot spot reviews are somewhat mixed with it only receiving 3 ½ stars out of 5 on Amazon. While some people find this product works great others were extremely disappointed. However, when you read through the reviews it is clear that many reviewers tried to use the product on the type of acne that the makers of Zeno said the product does not work on. So, of course they will be disappointed.

However, many of the negative complaints were due to people getting a product that simply did not work properly which judging from the number of reviews did seem to be a problem. However, the reviewers did have both good and bad things to say about this product which you should be aware of.


The Zeno acne Hot spot does have some nice positive features. Here are some of them.

  • Easy to use
  • Treatments don’t take long
  • Great for light acne that is caught early
  • Can last a long time for people who only have the odd breakouts of one or two pimples at a time.
  • Not too pricey


There are also some things about the Zeno hot spot that people did not like. Here are some of the things that people complained about.

  • Dries skin
  • Expensive for people who have frequent breakouts consisting of several acne spots at once.
  • Many users got a broken product and had to exchange it.
  • Some people found that treating their acne with this product was quite time consuming.